Some Streamers’ names that won’t show their faces again!!

Courtesy: Business Insider India

In the last decade, everyone has got access to the internet which made it easier to express our feelings to the audience of interest. With the internet came various streaming platforms which boosted the gaming industry. Anyone sitting in any corner of the world can do his or her live stream via these platforms.

There is a new group of streamers who remain off-camera and don’t want to give a reason for doing that, they are united just because they don’t want to reveal themselves. Streaming fans suggest that it is important for gamers to communicate to some extent, they should at least use a mic to speak to the viewers. But these streamers broke the rules and proved all these things wrong. They got successful without revealing their faces or voice. 

Below are some of the best examples:

  1. Corpse Husband

    He became popular due to his dead-like voice and mischievous Among Us game content. Fans are very curious to learn about him due to his mysterious personality. He has told that he suffers from anxiety, has poor self-esteem, and hates his face to such an extent that it is difficult for him to get out of his house. Moreover, he is grateful to his fans because the fame was able to solve his real-life problems.

  2. EternalEnvy

    He has shown his face only a few times on screen. He has gained popularity with his gaming skills alone. He has played Dota professionally for years. His reason for not being on the camera is that he is shy, and it gets stressful for him during the stream.

  1. SwaggerSouls 

His reason behind hiding his face is completely different from others as he wears medieval-style gear to look like a gaming character from the game DarkSouls. Last year he tweeted saying that he had worn a mask for five years, so why can’t people wear it for a few months, spreading coronavirus awareness.

Courtesy: Looper
  1. TheOneManny

He uses the popular VR technology to appear as something else on camera. But once this failed and his face got revealed without even him realizing that, but when he got to know this happened, he immediately ended his stream. 

  1. Dream

He is the most popular Minecraft streamer. He believes that privacy is a luxury and doesn’t want to reveal his face. He is also concerned about safety. 

If we have missed out on something then let us know. Follow the space for more updates.


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