Someone is stalking Peri Lomax, and we’re going to find out, as Hollyoaks will confirm.


In a terrifying new scene, Peri Lomax’s stalker will be revealed on Hollyoaks next week.

A concealed camera has been installed in her bedroom, but Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) has no idea that someone is watching her, despite receiving mysterious gifts like a bikini from an anonymous source.

Following an altercation between Peri and her girlfriend, Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw), Peri wonders if they are on the same page. Next week, the truth will be exposed.

Yazz Cunningham’s (Haiesha Mistry) wise comments help Peri understand why Juliet feels betrayed by her, and she soon gets some counsel on how to reconcile matters with her partner.

Marnie Nightingale (Lysette Anthony) receives an anonymous gift basket after Peri buys her a scarf. Unfortunately, Juliet’s assumption that Marnie will receive the larger present leaves Peri with a difficult option to make.

Timmy (Sam Tutty), who works with Fergus Collins (Robert Beck) to build up a network of hidden cameras in people’s houses, is revealed as Peri’s mystery gift-giver later on.

Timmy continues to watch over Peri in her bedroom, unaware that he is spying on her every morning as she wakes up through the concealed camera as the week progresses.

Trish Minniver’s (Denise Welch) DVD player is broken, and Timmy can’t help but chat about Peri. According to Ste Hay’s (Kieron Richardson), Peri is wallowing in self-pity on the couch, so he provides her with some advice on solving the situation and fixing the problems with Juliet.

It turns out that the gift basket Timmy gave Peri has been given away by the time Peri drops her phone, and Timmy is on hand to pick it up. In the meantime, Juliet and Peri are making amends, and Peri hopes that her mystery gifter will leave her alone now that they’ve reconciled.

Upon discovering that her phone is stolen, Timmy places it back into Peri’s purse, but Peri doesn’t realise that he’s cloned it.

As a pretence, Trish subsequently calls Timmy over to fix her DVD player again, but this call is just a fake to get Timmy to converse a lot more about his crush. Trish urges Timmy to pursue her even though she doesn’t have all the details.

However, will Timmy listen to Trish and is Peri in danger from him? They will be aired on Channel 4 in the week beginning September 6 at 6.30 pm.



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