Sophia Di Martino, Loki’s star, says her character Sylvie is not just “Lady Loki” but more than that.

Source: Digital Spy

Sophia Di Martino, the Loki actor, stated she’s more than “Lady Loki.” In her latest speech on MarvelTV, the actress played the troubling Sylvie Loki version and refused the claim that the Disney+ show had been only a setup to insert a replica of a woman’s character into the MCU.

“It’s not Loki’s storey that was born again as a Lady Loki,” said Sophia. “We’re not telling that precise narrative.” But, she continued, “I don’t believe the story we tell inherently refers to gender fluidity, but that Sylvie is a Loki variety, but she’s Sylvie.

Source: Digital Spy

Mobius actor Owen Wilson remarked before about the vast trend: “It is quite startling to betray Mobius by Renslayer. And inside the series, that people are not really who they seem to be. This is a tiny hall of mirrors. Like Loki, Mobius will have kind of the same battle when it lands in this strange place named TVA. What’s the organisation? And it’s worth his devotion, something?”

Every Wednesday, Loki streams on Disney+ exclusively, with new episodes. Catch up on this fantastic show which has received great reviews by the audience, and Tom Hiddleston looks tremendous and charming as usual playing Loki. 

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