Space Jam 2 release date, cast, trailer, plot and Lola Bunny controversy

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Good News for all LeBron fans as the basketball start looks all set to explore the space once again in the second sequel of Space Jam. Yes, the long-awaited and highly rumoured sequel to the animated 1990s is all set to hit the screens once again. We are here with some news and confirmation explaining the first glance of the second sequel and everything related to it. 

After a complete analysis and going to various sources collected all the essential details regarding when and on where the squad will be lacing-up. And more to this the explaining the query related to how you will be able to watch it online. 

Apart from this, we have also explained the complete report that builds the confusion about the Lola Bunny controversy. 

Space Jam 2: Release date

As per the official report, the New Legacy of the second sequel of Space Jam will be released both in theatres and on HBO Max on 16th July 2021. The second sequel is arriving on both at the very same time because of the COVID pandemic. WarnerMedia looking at the pandemic situation and theatres restrictions decided to give HBO Max subscribers a simple way to see all upcoming movies at home.

Space Jam 2: Cast

The complete cast members of Space Jam 2 includes a stellar starting that will be led by LeBron James along with Don Cheadle. The full cast of the second sequel of Space Jam includes:-

  • LeBron James as himself
  • Khris Davis as Malik
  • Ceyair J. Wright as Darius James
  • Alex Huerta as young LeBron James
  • Sonequa Martin-Green as Kamiyah James
  • Cedric Joe as Dom James
  • Don Cheadle as Al-G Rhythm
  • Harper Leigh Alexander as Xosha James

Space Jam 2: Trailer

Officially till now, the production hasn’t released any trailer hinting at the storyline for the upcoming Space Jam 2.

Space Jam 2: Plot

As per some rumours and sources the complete storyline of Space Jam: A New Legacy will focus on explaining everything about beating the computer at its games. 

In the second we will see the main character LeBron James along with his son name Dom get stuck into a virtual world. Dom is curious about software-related working and always wish to be a game developer.  

To get out of the game the only one way left is to beat the Rhythm’s known as the digital baddies in a game of basketball. LeBron will be helped by Bugs Bunny,  Porky Pig, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck and other Looney Tunes players in defeating the Rhythm.

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Space Jam 2: Lola Bunny controversy

The first look of Space Jam 2 when officially got stirred a controversy then began regarding Lola Bunny appearance. The body figure of Lola looks a bit different from the original movie on which the director explained this time we worked ok her feminine curves and voice. 

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