Space Jam 2’s Gabriel Iglesias Responds to Speedy Gonzales Controversy

Courtesy: Fox News

The live-action and sports-oriented comedy film, Space Jam, directed by Joe Pytka whose first franchise was released in 1996,  is now done and dusted for the upcoming sequel of 2021. 

In Space Jam 1996, they were presenting or starring Michael Jordan, the basketball player. It includes Looney Tunes animated characters, interacting with humans.  

Simultaneously, these sequels will be on the former theme, but the arrival of a new voice artist has lead to Polemic in social media. The voice of the character Speedy Gonzales is given by Gabriel Iglesias in the upcoming franchise of Space Jam. But such happening has headed to controversy for the emerging of an animated character. 

The movie is all set for theatrical release as well on HBO on the 16th of July 2021.

Since a long time, the animated mouse in Space Jam with an exaggerated Mexican accent, Speedy Gonzales has been on Looney Tunes roster by Warner Brothers. Speedy is a character who runs exceptionally fast, and because of which he has earned his moniker as Speedy. 

To further establish his Mexican identity, he wears a yellow sombrero. Not only, Mexican, but he also speaks a blend of both English and Spanish.

The New York Times highlights the issue or controversy arisen by Dr. Seuss, discusses through media to children about the racist imagery peddled. The appearance of Speedy, animated mouse in the upcoming sequel among other Looney Tunes characters has been marked as a question. In counter to the reaction to the op-ed, it headed to a debate whether to consider or not, the mouse character in the upcoming sequel.

Gabriel Iglesias, in his recent tweet, has given a counter statement to defend Speedy (animated mouse). He also wrote that he the upcoming voice of Speedy Gonzales in the upcoming Space Jam. Due to such criticism and controversy, there is a large complaint and question about the cancel culture. Questions arising like-Does eliminating Speedy mean that will cancel Fluffy too?

Is that mean that we’ll not able to hear “I’m the exceptionally fastest mouse in all over Mexico, you can’t catch me”?

Courtesy: Screen Rant

Space Jam 2 will be casting Don Cheadle, LeBron James including animated Looney Tunes staple such as Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Sylvester. Speedy was not a part of the casting of the former sequel in 1996. 

However, this is not the first time Iglesias acting as a voice article or first go at animation world dubbing. He has given his voice in ample animated movies to get a tag of being experienced like UglyDolls, Ferdinand, and Blazing Samurai. Gabriel gives the animation a comedic and humorous background and that’s why his opinion matters a lot in this controversy and certainly gets attention.

 That’s all for Space Jam’s new updates, stay tuned to know more about all this stuff.


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