Spanish Rom-Com ‘Sounds Like Love’ is Coming to Netflix in September 2021

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Love will be the air we breathe, this fall. Netflix dropped the teaser of the new show signalling the arrival of a fun and charming romantic comedy series, Sounds Like Love. one thing which is pretty clear with the teaser is, this Spanish rom-com is all set to spread the heavy vibe of love and yes you heard it right this is an original Netflix release in Spanish language. This rom-com is a contrast to the Spanish original Netflix series which majorly falls into the action genre, giving us fresh content with a hell lot of romance and emotions. Well, let me answer some of the questions regarding ‘Sounds Like Love.’

What did the teaser reveal about the series?

We saw that a lady walks in front of a camera which turns into someone, a man to be specific. The woman and the man did their greetings by saying hello to each other. The man confesses to the lady that he was just thinking about her. Giving it a more intense feel the woman briefly looks at the man then her eyes are set straight to the camera and she said, ‘if this was a romantic comedy, it would have started pouring by now’ and eventually the rain started pouring heavily giving the audience the much-needed genre of this series. The lady is shocked to see that indeed this is a rom-com and jumps into the arms of the man while briefly looking at him.

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What is the plot of the series?

The story revolves around former lovers. The woman named Maca is the protagonist of the story and her ex-boyfriend has come back in her life. After her heart break she has to make sure that she doesn’t return to him. Netflix is describing this rom-com in the context that Maca has to confront her feelings.

Maca is working as a fashion assistant and she has just put her broken pieces of life back together after a very devastating break up with Leo. Leo is the man who broke her heart and now has reappeared in her not so sorted life. The story is clear stating that love is complicated.

What is the cast of ‘Sounds Like Love’?

The show is directed by Juana Macias, the story is based on the novel by Elisabet Benavent. The script of the show is written by Sarmiento Pallares. The show is featuring Maria Valverde as Maca, the character of Leo is played by Alex Gonzalez, Adriana’s role is played by Susana Abaitua, Elisabet Casanovas playing the role of Jimena, Miguel Herrera playing the role of Luigi. Apart from these characters we will see Carlo Costanza, Eva Ugarte, Artur Busquets, Roger Berruezo, Claudia Galan, and Miguel Herrera in the show.

Official Release Date of ‘Sounds Like Love’

With the teaser of the show, Netflix released the official date of the premiere. 29th September 2021 is the date which is mentioned by Netflix for the show’s release. Hope to see the trailer soon!

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