Spice Girl Victoria Beckham did not like her nickname Posh


The British Singer Victoria Beckham took her Instagram account. She revealed through her post that she disliked the “Posh” as her nickname when she was in the spice girls, however found fame in the 90s era. Beckham was the iconic girl in the Spice Girl music band.

 The mother of four adorable babies shared that she embraced her nickname for 20 years. Then, she used the name while launching her makeup collection. 

Supermom & Singer shares the real story behind her nickname 

On Instagram, she wrote that she got her Posh name 1996. Along with her Spice Girls team, she went for lunch with Peter Loraine of The Pops Magazine. 

She still recalls being shy during the early stages of her career. The name Posh helped her to gain confidence, find her style and voice. 

She continued that Posh transformed her life. David’s wife rose to prominence 1990s. The doors for new opportunities opened for her. Being a popular member of the Spice Girls, she enjoyed her success. Spice Girls group became the bestseller group of the 90s.

 However, the group split in 2001. Victoria then began her solo career at the Virgin records. She composed a series of popular songs with the records. 

Then, Beckham found that doors of new opportunities opened for her. She launched a Posh lipstick. Then, she added that lipstick is essential beauty items for every woman. Each shade tells its own specific story.

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