Spider Man 3 – Spectacular Marvel


Spider-Man 3, an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics Character Spider-Man. It was directed by Sam Raimi, his brother Ivan and Alvin Sargent. This will be the last installment in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Shooting of the third season was started just after the second season and its photography took place in Los Angeles and Cleveland. As, this is a kind of fictional story, so Sony Pictures Imageworks created almost 900 visual effects shots. It was the most expensive film ever made at that time ($258-350 Million). 


At this time our superhero decided to manage both his personal life with his girlfriend Mary-Jane and his duty of Spider-Man but more and more challenges arises for our young hero. His friend Harry Obsourne has planed a revenge for him. At this time his suit color also turns black which will make the fans more exciting. Basically, he have to overcome with the darkness of himself if he want to conquer himself. A Venom (Eddie Brock) also a main part of this season and this fictional villain will be killed by our superhero this time.

Spider Man 3 – Spectacular Marvel

Release Date 

There will be no doubt about the release of everyone’s favorite superhero movie Spider-Man 3. But due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world, the installment will be delayed and all die hard fans wait for more. Initially, Spider-Man3 will be released on July 16, 2021 but as the production will also interrupted, so we have got a new date for the release of Spider-Man 3 that is, November 2021. 


Our superhero, Tobey Maguire which plays a lead role of Spider-Man or Peter parker will be definitely seen in the upcoming season. Chiefly, there will be no update about any change in casting members. Hence, we are assuming that all our favorite characters will reprise their role. His girlfriend Mary Jane Watson role was performed by Kirsten Dunst. James Franco as Harry Osborn or New Goblin, Topher Grace as Eddie Brock or Venom and many more are there. So, all the characters will be seen with their fabulous acting, drama, and interactive dialogues. 

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