Spider-Man 3 Updates


Spider-Man series has earned a 6.2 on IMDb which is an average rating in terms of entertainment quotient. It was expected to deliver great performance whereas it has just done a satisfactory job as quoted by critics. 88 percent of users have however liked this. Created by three motion pictures there is a complete and powerful package of entertainment awaited.

Spider-Man 3 was supposed to start rolling on from 16th July 2021 as per the information received from Marvel Studio and Marvel Entertainment. But as we all are aware of the unfortunate pandemic situation where all the projects have been put on hold or have been delayed we might have to wait for Spider-Man 3 somewhere in 2021 November. 

We might get to see Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Zendaya as MJ. One of the villains will be played by Henry Cavill as Krave and the other one’s name is a mystery not disclosed yet. Michael Mando might be seen as another villain playing the character of Scorpion. We will get to see Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend and who can forget the character of aunt May; well this will be played by Marisa Tomei. J John Jameson character will most probably be done by JK Simmons. Buzz is that we might get to see a daredevil character too in the series. 

Spider-Man 3 Updates

Though the writers still have not been finalized or out for public release but the series will definitely be directed by Jon Watts. Season 3 of Spider-Man should take off from the repercussions of the prelude series. The end of season 2 showed Spider-Man being schemed for Mysterio’s death and his true identity being revealed to the world making Spider Man’s future unsafe and endangered. 

Sony and Marvel have decided to come up with two more seasons post season 2 namely season 3 and season 4. Season 3 has already been conceptualized and if good time hails we might get to see a season 4 as well. Till then stay safe and stay at home in this era of coronavirus.


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