Spider-Man: Is Venom The Actual Name of Marvel’s Symbiote?


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We’ve all come to know the big, black, toothy villain and/or the anti-hero to be mischievous and somewhat crazy. (Okay, completely, crazy.) Add a frustrated, humiliated reporter to the mix and you will hear the infamous words, “We are Venom”. 

It is this weird yet synergic ability that makes the two lethal protectors of the people of Underground City, San Francisco. 

But while we know that the Spider-Man anti-fan reporter is named Eddie Brock, what is the alien symbiote’s real name? 

Venom: Alien symbiote or Eddie Brock?

If we go by the comics, the origin of Venom stems from the mutual hatred the symbiote and Brock share towards Spider-man. While the symbiote hates Peter Parker who rejected him as a host, Brock hates Spider-man because the web-shooting superhero ended up ruining Brock’s journalism career.

Thus it is simply this “poison(ous)” mutual feeling towards Spider-man that binds the two together. 

It is also important to note that the symbiote is shown as a weapon or tool rather than a conscious being when he uses Spider-man as host. It is only until he takes over Brock, does one get to see the symbiote as a whole another entity. 

Venom’s real name:

While usually, the symbiotes remain nameless, there are a lot of symbiotes who have been named in the comics, such as Riot, Lasher, Agony, Scream and Phage. 

In the comics, Brock calls the black beast as his “other” or plainly, the “symbiote”. 

As per the 2018 film, the symbiote calls himself Venom and continue to refer himself the same to Eddie’s ex-fiance, Anne and antagonist and a fellow symbiote, Riot as well. It isn’t until the very end do the two amalgamate to become the much-anticipated duo, “We are Venom”.

It is also pertinent to note that in the comics, the symbiote partly names himself “Venom” as he suggests it to Brock, who muses to decide a name for the two.

On multiple occasions the symbiote is seen referring to himself as Venom along with Flash Thompson who also calls him the same when it stands as a seperate entity. 

Since the symbiotes were created by elder god Knull and their memories were erased after they were freed from Knull’s reign, the symbiotes, unaware of their history, remain a nameless Klyntar race. Our mischevious anit-hero being one of them. However, that does not mean they’re not capable of creating their own identies, Venom, for one. 

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