Spiderman and Venom crossover addressed by Marvel creators


Chief Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios gave an update to Spider-Man and Venom on the prospective crossover. After an appearance in Sony’s Morbius teaser, actor Michael Keaton – perhaps as The Vulture of Spider-Man: Homecoming – the borders between the two properties have started to break down.

Fans are asked if the long-awaited encounter of the wall-crawler from Tom Holland and the Symbiote from Tom Hardy would take place one day soon. Feige indicated in a recent interview that the long-awaited heroic encounter may always happen.

“Obviously, I don’t want to talk about what could happen, about rumours or speculation, which couldn’t be because Marvel Studios hadn’t brought any characters to the screen yet,” he warned.

“But, I’ll say what I’ve always stated that I wouldn’t reject anything, as I’ve been at Marvel for over 20 years. I’d not rule out anything. I would not rule out anything. It remains to be seen when, how and where. It might happen, any rumour you read online, between tomorrow and never anytime.”

It sounds “certainly, perhaps” to us! After the recent announcement of a spin-off film with another Spiderman character, Sony is making full steam forward on the very universe of Marvel Characters.



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