The first trailer for Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man film, SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME, has been eagerly awaited. The trailer will be released this week due to a plot point involving Peter Parker’s origins.

Spider-Man 3

No Way Home, a joint venture between Marvel and Sony Pictures, will be released in theatres in December. The film’s plot and cast are currently shrouded in secrecy. Disney is expected to release the first trailer for the movie tomorrow.

Peter Parker’s birthday is August 10 – tomorrow (Tuesday). No Way Home’s trailer may be released this week to mark the historic occasion.

According to a tweet from a fan, “There is no doubt that the No Way Home trailer will be released on August 10. This is because Peter Parker’s birthday falls on a Tuesday, which is also trailer day.”

As another fan put it: “Spider-Man has no way back to his home. So why does spider operate? In no way does a home movie trailer exist if Parker’s birthday is on a Sunday? @TomHolland1996” August 10 isn’t only Spider-birthday. 

According to other fans, amazing Fantasy issue 15 debuted Spider-Man on August 10 in the original Marvel comic book.

The release of the Spider-Man

 No Way Home trailer on Tuesday makes sense, according to one fan. “On August 10, 1962, Peter Parker made his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15,” the fan wrote.

Another fan suggested the following: “Although I didn’t want to predict on Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer release date, Amazing Fantasy 15 was published on August 10. Just a note.” If No Way Home’s trailer is released tomorrow, it’s likely to feature Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as past Spider-Men.

Previous performers have been rumoured to reprise their roles in a live-action multiverse movie for the past year. But Garfield has categorically refuted this ever since the rumours began to circulate.

Garfield said the following on the Happy Sad Confused podcast earlier this year: “I can only speak for myself. However, I have not received a call from them.” He continued, saying: “By now, I would have received a call from the company. What I’m saying is this:”

Alfred Molina, who starred in Doctor Octopus, has announced he will appear in the next Spider-Man movie. Molina confirmed to Variety that: “[Returning to play Doctor Octopus] was fantastic. But, unfortunately, in the intervening years, I’ve grown two chins, and a wattle developed crow’s feet and developed slightly dodgy lower back.”

He continued by saying: “We were all told not to talk about it while we were filming because it was supposed to be a top-secret project. There are plenty of examples on the internet. According to my self-description, I am Hollywood’s worst kept secret!”


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