Spoiler Alert: Who gets the Veto in week 10 of the Big Brother All Star


Warning! Spoiler Ahead taken from the Big Brother live feed that occurred on 11th October.

Big Brother shocked everyone after it was revealed that the Head of the Household is Nicole Franzel. Also, Christmas Abbott as well as Memphis Garrett are now placed on the block. 

Out of them, whoever wins the veto will make it to the final 4.

Nicole has already proven herself to be a staunch threat in every competition, and hence, it was not surprising for the fans to see this coming.

We believe that Nicole has contributed enough that makes high chances that she could win the competition. It will be easier for her to make a win against Enzo or Christmas Abbott if her performance continues as it is.

According to Nicole, it will be the better if Memphis Garrett is convicted this week. But if she is not going to use her veto, it will be Enzo or Cody to make that happen. Nicole has favored Cody alot, regardless, Cody seems unwilling to return her favor.

But Nicole might still have chances to convince Enzo with his vote, but it seems likely that he will also follow Cody. Memphis’s fate with the game is dependent upon this two men, and Cody can be in the final 3 if he saves Memphis this week.

Now, if Nicole wants Memphis out, she has a possible way of doing it. She could use her veto to save Christmas by replacing his place with either Cody or Enzo. It might be possible that she may not risk Cody, so it ultimately comes on Christmas and Cody to decide who stays in the game.

You can watch the Big-Brother All Star on CBS at 8:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For more updates, stay tuned.

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