Spontaneous Director Wants to Make An All-Star Superman Movie


Duffield claims Superman needs a more down-to-earth rendition

American screenwriter and director Brian Duffield who has films such as The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Jane Got a Gun, The Babysitter, Underwater, and Love and Monsters to his credit as a screenwriter and Spontaneous as a writer-director has recently shown his keen interest in writing a Man of Steel sequel. 

When it comes to Superman’s portrayal in cinematic history, Christopher Reeves brought the superhero to life for the first time in 1970.

However, the three sequels that followed progressively dropped ratings until the director finally gave up. It wasn’t until Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel that Clark Kent really rose in terms of popularity. However, since then a sequel has been difficult to come by. 

Duffield’s version of Man of Steel sequel: 

The Spontaneous director believes what the viewers now need is less nonstop-action Superman and a more down-to-earth rendition. And in achieving the same, he presented to take pages out of the All-Star series of comics. 

Further elaborating on his idea, the writer said that since we have a Batman film that is on the “darker and awesome looking side of things”, the audience needs a Superman which is rather “a lot of fun” as he deals with issues, political or otherwise.

The director also added the film could be along the lines of his film Spontaneous and show a Superman that is “uplifting and funny and cool in a way”. Okay… we’re listening, Duffield. 

All-Star Superman:

Since Duffield not-so-secretly shared the direction Superman should head, let’s know more about the All-Star comic renditions of the red-and-blue clad vigilante.

The All-Star comics Superman is not a brooding, serious figure at all! But rather a relaxed bloke unaffected by damage or discomfort. The comic humanizes the superhero and sees human counterpart struggle equally as much as his superhero side during a fight. 

Clark Kent and Superman are both given equal importance. Just like any average male, Clark too isn’t fully equipped to navigate his interpersonal relationships.

Imagine seeing Henry Cavill all decked up in the blue and red costume, only to come back home, hog his Ben and Jerry’s and cry over Perry White making him work during the weekends. We’d totally pay to watch that!

It’s a side that hasn’t been explored in the previous Superman films and definitely would bring a breath of fresh air to the character and to the series.

I guess you could say, DC Universe needs to “Thor-Up” Superman (Because Thor: Ragnarok saved the superhero and the franchise from going into a rabbit hole of doom and despair after Thor: The Dark World).

Warner Bros., are you listening? 


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