St. Louis Pair Who Waved Guns At Protest Say They Are Doing What They Can Get Trump Re-elected


Mark and Patricia McCloskey were known by a St. Louis grand jury last week on charges of illegal use of a gun and interfere with proves. 

St. Louis- A St. Louis pair enjoyed in some groups and disparage in others for waving guns at protesters marching on their personal lane pleaded not guilty to two felony charges at a short hearing Wednesday. 

Mark and Patricia McCloskey who is both lawyers in their early 60s were indicated by a St. Louis grand jury a few days back on charges of unlawful use of a gun and interfering with proof. They will appear in court once more on the 28th of October. 

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner really filed the guns charge in July. The grand jury added the proof interfering charge. The charge shows that a partially automatic pistol was altered in a way that obstructed the prosecution of Patricia McCloskey on the weapons charge. 

The McCloskeys have heated the leftist Democrats in St. Louis for their plight. Also, they have become folk heroes among some talks. They have gain support from President Donald Trump and they spoke on video on the first night of the Republican National Convention. 

In reality, the McCloskey’s lawyer, Joel Schwartz, showed that Trump antiquities interested in the case. They have spoken with the president, Schwartz stated after the hearing. The president contacts them semi-frequently. He rejected to stretch. Moreover, the McCloskeys rejected to be interviewed. 

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has protected the couple’s rights. It is to protect their home and told that he will pardon them if they are convicted. Mark McCloskey after a short court hearing a few days back showed anger. That he and his wife have to suffer criminal charges while those who trespassed on his property did not. 


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