Star of Black Widow talks about Taskmaster’s potential MCU future.


As Black Widow concluded the book on MCU travel by Natasha Romanoff, he presented various individuals we could follow in the coming years.

We know that Florence Pugh will be returning to Hawkeye as Natasha’s sister Yelena following the credit scene. In addition, marvel chief Kevin Feige has said Rachel Weisz and David Harbor are back, respectively, as Melina and Alexei.

What about Taskmaster, however? Should you not have seen Black Widow before, spoilers will be ahead of you, so be warned of who the Taskmaster is.

In the Black Widow, Taskmaster Antonia Dreykov, the daughter of General Dreykov, the evil chief of the Red Room, is indeed exposed. When she defected to SHIELD, Natasha assumed she had killed Antonia, yet she has been alive all this time.

We say alive, but she was controlled and converted into a lethal assassin by her father. Natasha modifies this by saved Antonia from Dreykov’s influence during the violent finale.

You would suppose this may be the end of Taskmaster’s in the MCU, but when Olga Kurylenko – who plays Antonia – told Digital Spy, it indeed showed that Antonia has more to say, so it may not be the end.

“I adore intricate psychological stuff. That’s how our minds are. We are very complicated in real life, and we can think and comprehend so much. It’s a pretty difficult spot with her, I think. So much more can be investigated,” she stated.

We’ll have to wait and see whether this truly happens or not. But, at least if Kurylenko comes back to the MCU after she keeps the Black Widow’s role hidden, she can inform everyone she’s in.

“That was harder to address or talk about this, and I simply had to say ‘Oh, you know, yeah, I’ve just heard about it. “You know, yeah! Whatever.’ And don’t tell it. That seemed like I was lying nearly perhaps,” she recalled.

“The bargain, though. I honestly can’t say. I can’t. Even my mom did not say I did. But, then, just three days ago, she found out.”

Black widow is now available in movie theatres and also available on Disney+ for premium users. 


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