Star of Dexter has revealed how their character could return in a Dexter reboot.


Another character will be revived in Dexter’s next revival series. Jennifer Carpenter will reprise her role as Debra after announcing that John Lithgow will reprise his role as the Trinity Killer.

TV Line says that Carpenter will be a series regular while Lithgow will return as a guest star. After Debra was murdered in the 2013 season finale, Carpenter announced that she would be playing a ‘new and imaginary’ version of Debra during the TCA summer press conference.

Rather than a ghost, Carpenter sees her as a link, an echo, or an inconvenient fact for Dexter. It’s as if she’s coming back to haunt, chastise, care for, provoke, and adore [him].”

While Dexter has internalised Deb, Michael C. Hall, who plays Dexter, believes she reflects how deep he’s fallen… without a compass. Jenniffer’s transformation was exciting because I knew she would be able to attack Dexter from many different angles.

It’s a given that she’d do it.” Dexter’s psychological environment is now a lot more pyrotechnic and chaotic than it was in the past, and it was incredibly exciting to pry it open.”

It’s scheduled to launch on Showtime on November 7 with a total of 10 episodes. As shown in the first trailer, Dexter has re-established himself in Iron Lake under the guise of Jim Lindsay.

It won’t be long, though, before circumstances force him back into the same old routine. While Clyde Phillips will be returning as showrunner for the new season of The Walking Dead, he has stated that nothing from the season’s disappointing conclusion would be carried over to the new show.

As he put it, “We’re not undoing anything.” “That was all a dream, but we’re not going to let the audience down. Eight years ago, everything transpired in the first eight years did happen that way.” From Showtime on November 7, Dexter: New Blood will be available. It is going to be quite exciting to see things unfold further in the story ahead.


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