Star of Line of Duty revealed the reason behind leaving the series!!

Source: The Sun

Line of Duty 6 is lined to come on screens soon, which means there are things in the series which are still supposed to be revealed, and many twists and turns are still going to come. The series was planned back in 2017 when its part 5 was scheduled for releas3 as mentioned by BBC director-general Tony Hall.

Line of Duty is a really popular series as it was the second most-viewed show in BBC’s iPlayer. Therefore, fans are very excited to see more of it. Adrian Dunbar said that they wouldn’t stop until the audience wants them to, and they have a lot more for Line of Duty. But he adds that everything is finite and even every good thing ends too. He says that if the series will end, it will end on a good note.

Source: Digital Spy

Who all from the previous season are not going to be there in the sixth series?

It is Taj Atwal. After its premiere, fans realized that she was not appearing in the series, so she explained her absence from the BBC’s super hit show. 

She used to play the character of PC Tatleen Sahota in the previous series. This character was a crucial figure who exposed the truth about John Corbett’s connections with the Organised Crime Group. 

The reason for her not continuing with the show is that she got an offer for the role of Roxy Varma in BBC’s One Betting drama The Syndicate. She told that the schedule was conflicting for both the series, so she chose The Syndicate over the police thriller series. 

On BBC Radio 5 Live, she said that it was not an easy choice, but she was unable to make dates for Line of Duty alongside The Syndicate. She told that it was difficult to quit Line of Duty because she was offered a completely different role in The Syndicate.

She chose The Syndicate because she was offered a bigger role which will definitely do justice to her talent. 

Moreover, she was getting a chance to work with Kay Mellor who is just too difficult to turn down because she is extremely sweet and Taj has also worked with her previously. She adds that Roxy is a completely different character which is going to challenge her skills as well, but she wanted to do this.


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