Star of ‘The Walking Dead’, Seth Gilliam reacts to brutal Father Gabriel twist

Source: NME

The Walking Dead star Seth Gilliam has served his vivid thoughts on the brutal “executive decision” carried out by his character, Father Gabriel. About  the recent episode ‘One More’, in which Gabriel and Aaron play Russian Roulette with a scarred person named Mays, the actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

At the climax of the game, Mays decides to let the pair go free, but Gabriel responds by bashing Mays over the head with Aaron’s spiked club.

Source: NME

“I think he sized him up from the very beginning as more of a threat than someone that could be trusted in a community behind walls where children are running free and things are shared,” Gilliam commented about the shocking twist.

“I think Gabriel made a decision pretty early on. I don’t think he foresaw having to play Russian Roulette, but I think that just kind of capped it for him, that someone would do that to other people, put other people in that position, is beyond hope. So, Gabriel made an executive decision.”

Gilliam continued, “I think for Gabriel it was. I don’t think he had any hesitation about it. I think yeah, it’s the right call.” 

“The guy’s a danger, the guy’s a threat, the guy’s unstable, the guy’s too damaged. He’s been wounded far beyond repair.”


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