Star Trek vs Wars: Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill “Clash” on Uber Eats

Star Trek vs Wars: Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill
Star Trek vs Wars: Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill "Clash" on Uber Eats

How many of us, really miss the days in school when we deeply engaged ourselves in a clash? Clash about petty issues, favorite food, favorite movie, favorite heroes, and whatnot. When we think of those days now, we often murmur, “Uff! Such a child, I was.” 

I know, many of you would say, those were the days!

So, friends, today we want to share with you a story of such a Clash.

Yes, the world-famous Star Wars and Star Trek universes clash in a new ad for Uber Eats.

A teaser was dropped from the commercial on Sunday, where it was seen, Trek fame Captain Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, as known as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars world are engaging themselves in a clash with each other in a creepy, water-splashed warehouse regarding their plans of having “Tomatoes” in their dinner.

A unique one in the history of clashes, I must say.

 It was seen that Hamill with a baseball bat in his hand is expressing his wish of having a tomato-free veggie cheeseburger on ciabatta when Stewart emerges with the cricket bat declaring that he will be having four-cheese tortellini here with extra tomatoes. He puts an emphasis on his refined British accent.

And then follows an exchange of words after the delivery driver drops their food about how they might end up thrashing each other since there was no one to save them.

Hamill returned to the screens playing his signature character after thirty-two years in 2015 with the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Stewart came back to his Star Trek Crew as Picard after a long eighteen years gap, in the movie Star Trek: The Next generation.

We wish these gems, all the luck for a successful clash on the Uber eats Commercial.

Get on to the heights of geekdom, fellas!


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