Star trek’s Enterprise captains, ranked from worst to best


It is quite exciting to witness a whole lot of impressive captains while watching movies and television series of Star Trek. These captains have a huge fan base who keep fighting whether Picard is better than Kirk. In this article, we have come up with bringing before you the best and the worst captains in the entertainment world. For this, we have decided to limit ourselves to the Star Trek timeline only.

To start with we will mention the bottom capital of our list, captain John Harriman. The voyage of his ship Was a great opportunity to show in celebrating James Kirk and other retired officers. His simple plan to trip around the solar system was messed up when he got a call from a ship that was in distortion. 

Pressurized by the presence of Kirk he immediately arrived at the distortion point but then became hesitant to go to close. Then again he swallowed his pride and more to this he further asked for help. But then again Harriman is expected to be more sensible the next time so that we don’t get a chance to judge him!

Ronnie Cox had been one of the most hated captains of the series. On the other hand captain, Edward is transferred to the enterprise to replace Picard! Many of the fans did not like this decision. This may be because he was a new character. But we believe that there must be some good reason for replacing him.

Fans also dislike Edward because of his unwillingness to listen to the officers. It was the right of the first officer to express his concern to the captain about any of the order given by him. But Edwards response of treating every question with rebel was disliked by fans. Luckily Picard survived and won the audience again!

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Moving to the other part Kirk has already mentioned the decker’s name to be his successor as captain in the enterprise. But unfortunately, he was not given to enjoy this promotion for a long time. 

It is very much clear that Kirk has good experience in terms of choosing a job for him but at the same time, it has to be accepted that he’s not  Happy behind his desk.

Sadly Decker also took his demotion peacefully. Even after this he still serves ships and saves them in case any intruder intercept a journey. This can be said as an evolved Voyager! He’s definitely heroic who is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.


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