Star Wars Art Imagines Tom Hiddleston As Young Palpatine


Darth Sidious, aka Sheev Palpatine, has always been a staple in star wars movies. His character is  one of the most interesting and intriguing ones. Though fans get excited every time he is on screen to learn more about him, they have always been disappointed.

Though he was pronounced dead in Return of the Jedi (2012), he ended up coming back in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (you can watch the trailer of the movie here- 


When the fans came to know about they were sure that they would at last come to know more about him. They were disappointed this time as well.

When Darth Sidious’s return was not so welcome, the Lucasfilms decided to stop focusing on the past and went on with period pieces like The Mandalorian. You can find the trailer of the show here-


There has not been any official announcements regarding Darth Sidious being the centre of any new upcoming films but that did not stop fans from imagining the various possibilities. Ian Abercrombie played the old Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As we will be needing a young Palpatine if we are looking into his past, many pitched in their ideas.

One artist went a step ahead and photoshopped Tom Hiddleston as the young Darth Sidious. And it looked amazing! We have seen Hiddleston play the role of Loki and learned that he made the best anti hero/ villain. So we are sure that he will make a good Darth Sidious as well.

You can find the post here- 


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