Star Wars: Squadrons Update Adds B-Wing and TIE Defenders


On 2 October 2020, the newest Star Wars video game, Star Wars: Squadrons was released and it got generally positive reviews. This game’s timeline was set after the Return of Jedi where players can take up the role of both pilots in the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

But many Star Wars fans were disappointed with the weak plot and lack of story. To improve upon that, it was announced that we will get a bunch of updates starting this November 25th.

The updates include, two additional Starfighters- TIE Defender and B-Wing Fighter (both appeared in Star Wars Rebels).  Additionally, custom matches will allow two teams of one-five pilots to play against each other on any of the multiplayer maps. Finally, a new multiplayer map will be added with Fostar Haven.

Get the game here- 

Thomas Mir Praise 

producer Thomas Mir said. “The reaction has been nothing short of amazing, “It’s a very positive community, very engaged. It’s been very positive for the whole team. The vibe is really good… [When] something doesn’t work, they’re vocal about it, but it’s always done in a positive way. I think for a game with such high expectations it’s the best we could hope for. Humbling and amazing are really the words.”

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