Stars Sunita Mani & John Reynolds Preview Their ‘Feel-Good’ Apocalypse. Save Yourselves!

Stars Sunita Mani & John Reynolds Preview
Stars Sunita Mani & John Reynolds Preview

Save Yourself is a comedy movie which was officially released on 2nd October. It stars Sunita Mani as Su and John Raynolds as Jack. 

The couple disconnects themselves from their smartphones and travel to a remote location to spend their weekend. But their vacation was interfered with by Apoofalypse. 

The movie starts with the couple Su and Jack who are very much addicted to the digital internet lifestyle. Instead of talking to each other, they talked to Alexa. At one point they have decided to cut off from the digital network and work on their bonding. 

So they decided to switch off their phone, laptop and tried to enjoy togetherness. In the process, they missed the news about Aliens. The unskilled New York person Su and Jack fight with their only wits and try to survive. 

In a recent interview, Sunita Mani and John Reynolds share their favorite scenes in the movie.

According to Sunita Mani, The movie is funny which can make people happy. Sunita’s and Su’s characters are different. But the controlled character of Su in the movie provided lots of confidence to Sunita.

John Reynold seemed very excited about the movie. His favorite scene was when he shouted Pouffe. He thought that the alien and Jack would fight physically but what happens next, for that please watch the movie. 

Both the actors were happy to shoot with baby Jack who was triplets and they stole the movie with their stunning performance. 

According to Sunita and John, though the movie was funny, they were supposed to be calm and controllable in their every action. Sunita considers that the movie was just like only written for her character. 

Since the movie has already hit the screens we would love to watch an apocalypse scene after a long period. Till then stay connected for more info.


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