Stars teases Potential Tish and Cat Relationship !!

Source: Digital Spy

Abbie Hern and Heledd Gwynn of have spoken out about a possible Tish and Cat romance. Now that we know Jack’s (Aneurin Barnard) death was not caused by a heart attack or a drug overdose, the two are among the suspects. Both had compelling reasons to wish Jack’s death.

In the second episode of The Pact, a spark of chemistry was seen between the two after Cat (Gwynn) found Jack trying to attack Tish (Hern) at their work party.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy and other media, both cast members discussed whether being pulled into the murder case could put Cat and Tish closer together in the long run.

Source: Digital Spy

Gwynn admitted that Cat must have had a tough time thinking of people as friends. “There’s a road to gaining trust there, and I feel like she’s been through it with the women we meet at the brewery – so I think looking for someone else or new will take some time and won’t be a fast process.

We believe that there must be more need of relationship understanding mutually between the two. But when you’re dealing with a sudden death, you still have to deal with uncertainty, and confidence is difficult to come by.”

Tish, according to Hern, may be more open to seeking solace in Cat because she was a lifeline during a difficult time.

“Tish has a lot of empathy in cat because she sees something and wants to understand more and more about  Cat,” Hern said. “And I think she likes to be safe as well, and Cat radiates that energy right away.” Tish admires Cat and the party for their self-assurance.


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