Start Trek Updates All Around in Trend


Season 2 of Star Trek is the Discovery aired on our OTT platforms in January 2019 Although soon after its encasing in April 2019, fans have been keenly awaiting the upcoming expedition, which is now sanctioned by the producers CBS Studios along with Roddenberry Entertainment and Secret Hideout.

Season 3 is being speculated to air on our streaming platforms in the latter part of the year 2020 containing 13 episodes, although a confirmed release date is still uncertain beyond 2020. In the third season of our favored American TV series Star Trek: Discovery, the squad of USS Discovery will be traveling ahead in their timeline, over 930 years into the future following the proceedings encased by the primal series.

 During a podcast in June 2019, Alex Kurtzman, executive producer said that they were on episode 5 of season 3 of Discovery. Currently, the upcoming series of Star Trek will be Lower Decks which will start by August 6, 2020, and will be continuing for 10 weeks, it is suspected to end on October 8, 2020, after which we can expect the screening of Star Trek: Discovery.

The cast of seasons 3 will include; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham, Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly, Doug Jones as Saru, Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer, Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Georgiou, Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber, Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets and Lt. Joann Owosekun played by Oyin Oladejo.

Start Trek Updates All Around in Trend

An official trailer of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 was delivered for the audience in October 2019. In the trailer we find the crew traversing through the 32nd century. The trailer also revealed a few fresh incorporations to the cast, as we can see David Ajala playing the role of Cleveland Booker, a character who will be known for breaking the rules. Alongside Ajala, some new recruits that include Terry Serpico playing the role of Admiral Anderson, an apical Starfleet official, Sam Vartholomeos portrayed as a Connor, a Junior Officer on Shenzhou, and Maulik Pancholy playing the role of Dr. Nambue, USS Shenzhou’s Chief Medical Officer.

It was quite riveting to notice that a Flag of United Federation of Planets had only 6 stars, which points to an interesting plot, whether the Federation has been resolved in the timeline? Are they referred to as the ‘ghosts’ as we came across in the trailer?

In the trailer, Burnham is seen squandering ample time in searching for the domino that had tipped over resulting in the commencement of the prior events. Furthermore, the story spins around time travel journey of Michael Burn. Burn along with her confederates, goes on a voyage afar into deep space, in order to explore new planets and their life-forms. 

We expect season three to persist with the Star Trek’s heritage alongside imparting more adventure and drama to the upcoming season.


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