Ste confronts James and realizes the lies in Hollyoaks


James Nightingale’s truth is about to come out in Hollyoaks as he will be caught red-handed while he is in the process of lying over their ex John Paul McQueen to boyfriend Ste Hay. PC George Kiss’s killer is most likely to be revealed in next week’s episodes but both James and Ste have made it up on the list of suspects as both of them have been John Paul’s exes at some point in time.

As of Wednesday, there is news that John Paul would be released from prison as the mysterious witness would be known to have been lying all along about seeing John Paul at the crime scene. This would be discovered by the police which would eventually lead to John Paul’s release. There is one person who can evidently prove that the witness has been lying all this while. It is none other than Theresa McQueen.

However, she is being told to stay away from the matter by the police. She then runs to James to seek his help. On the other hand, Ste does not seem to be happy with the current arrangement and this is because he thinks there can be some jeopardy introduced in their relationship due to James’ existing feelings for John Paul. And thus we also witness that James is all set to help Theresa in proving the fact that the witness was lying all this while.

Ste then finds out about all the lied as the conversation between the McQueens and James gets overhead by Leah. Ste confronts him immediately regarding the matter that Leah heard but James lies instead of telling the truth causing a difficult situation to arise.


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