Stephen Amell’s First look for the New Wrestling show, Heels


Sharing a photo on Twitter of the Banner “Welcome to the Heels Gymnasium,” Stephen Amell gave butterflies to all the fans as there is not much they have got hear about Heels for more than months now. “Click here to see for yourself.” After looking at this banner, I am sure that they are training very hard for the series.

Stephen Amell and his co-cast for “Heels.”

“Heels” was announced after a request from “Starz” for an eight-episode wrestling based drama in August 2019.

The show features Stephen Amell as Jack Spade and Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade in a war against each other over their father’s legacy. And the story highlights the men and women set to chase their dreams in independent professional wrestling. 

For the ring, Ludwig is the good guy, and apparently, Amell is meant to play the evildoer.

Stephen Amell’s First look for the New Wrestling show, Heels

Kelli Berglund and Alison Luff would also be seen in the series alongside Amell and Ludwig. Kelli Berglund is featured as a 20-year-old girl, Crystal. Crystal is a wrestler’s valet with no financial means but grand ambitions to be in the ring and compete as a wrestler. 

The small-town girl is an athlete, and all she needs is an opportunity to make her dream real.

On the other hand, Alison Luff plays Staci Spade, a young “Grande Dame” of a family-owned wrestling promotion. 

Within a family of all independent professional wrestlers, Luff is seen as an emotional strength for all her in-laws to fulfill their wrestling goals

Production and expected release for the much-awaited series:

“Heels” is produced under the umbrella of Lionsgate TV and Paramount TV studios. Michael Waldron and directed by Peter Segal, the show also has LBI Entertainment’s Patrick Walmsley, Chris Donnelly, and Julie Yorn serve as executive producers.

Amell had also posted a few weeks back only on his twitter handle that the show would begin filming in less than a month now. If sources were to be believed, we would most likely have a great wrestling show of all times by 2021. 

There hasn’t been any official announcement on the production or release considering the entire industry’s current shutdown due to the COVID-19 global outbreak. However, as soon as we get an update, we will ensure to keep all the fans updated on the same.

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