Stephen king – The ruler of hearts with his psychic-powered characters in his novels.


I think all of you would agree with me on something, the supernatural genre and the horror genre has kept us engaged for a large part of our adolescence. Be it movies, series, or books. It had been and still now triumphantly is one of the most important parts of our lives.

And when we are talking about books of these genres, how can the name of Stephen King not flicker in our minds?

King is the king of books that delve into characters who have supernatural and psychic powers. Most of the author’s horror work features characters will power of the form that is often referred to as telekinesis or telepathy. 

The author already has been winning the hearts of the reader community by his writings under the genres of horror fiction, science fiction, and crime. And what could be more enthralling than characters having psychic powers, that adds to the excitement and thrill of going through the novel or the story?

King has been giving his readers the gift of characters with psychic abilities for a long time now. From his earliest novels like Carrie to the most recent works like the Outsider, over the years the author’s writings have suggested that every person actually possesses some small psychic capability and everyone does not have the powers to read it. Just as Mother Abigail said in the stand, ” Prophecy is the gift of God and everyone has a smidge of it”.

Have you all ever thought of this?

Think of an inborn capability that you have and do not forget to tell us about anything interesting you find next time you read one of King’s books.

Till then have a great time.

Love and Positivity to all.


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