Stephen King’s Most Recent Castle Rock Book Is Being Adapted As A Movie

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As we all know Stephen King is listed among the most popular authors of this era. And his write-ups never take much time to give news of being adapted as storylines.

His mind never stops creating dozens of writing works, for both big screens as well as for small screens. However, new movies and shows are getting released ok a frequent basis still the list of upcoming projects looks prepared. 

For example, last week writer/director Edgar Wright doing a remark about “The Running Man.” This remark will edge closer to the initial source material compared with the 1987 feature. 

Now we can report exclusively that a film version of the book Elevation published in 2018 is in work. 

Moreover, when it comes to Stephen King adaptations it can’t be denied that Jack Bender is a filmmaker having plenty of experience. Jack gained credits on many popular shows like- Mr. Mercedes, Under The Dome, and The Outsider. 

As per reports Jack currently not only working on the 2018 book Elevation into the feature but also working on a miniseries version of “The Institute” a 2019 novel.  

Bender on an interview earlier this week said that with Season 3 of Mr. Mercedes set to arrive on Peacock at beginning of next month. 

Stephen King’s one of the most famous and recent books “Castle Rock” is being adapted for a movie remake. This will be done after his 2018 released novel Elevation gets finished up getting featured by Jack Bender. 

The major factor which makes Stephen King’s novel Elevation an interesting book to read is its particular context also it’s among the shortest novels so far he wrote in his career. 

Stephen gained popularity after framing large tomes into a short format which makes his novel hardly 500 and 600 pages. But his 2018 novel Elevation is 150 pages with everything mentioned in detail. 

The storyline of the 2018 novel Elevation tells a story of a man with a mysterious problem name Scott Carey. Scott has a problem where no matter what he does, he keeps on losing weight. In addition to this, not only weight loss seems the major issue, but also heavy cloths impact the scales make things more bizarre.

Courtesy: The New York Times

Also, after going through his problems he finds himself mired in a controversy involving his next-door neighbors. His neighbor lesbian couple was planning to open a new restaurant in the town. But facing a number of problems while implementing it. 

This is so far we know about Stephen Kings’s novel Castle Rock and Elevation into a movie remake. Do you find our report interesting? Let us know.


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