Steve Rogers’ What If…? Voice actor responds to massive Fan Support received for the franchise


In What If…?, Josh Keaton thanked the fans for their support. Assume the following: began the series with a Captain Carter plot. ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ investigated what might happen if Peggy Carter instead of Steve Rogers became Captain America. Although the episode was reminiscent of Captain America: The First Avenger, there were a number of twists and turns that let Hayley Atwell’s Carter reach her full potential.

There was a notable difference in Rogers’ voice from what MCU fans are used to. Due to scheduling issues and contract expirations, numerous MCU performers were unable to reprise their roles in What If…? With almost a decade of voice acting expertise, Keaton has stepped up to take up the job. His credits include The Spectacular Spider-Man and Hercules. 

Keaton rushed to Twitter after the first show to thank fans for their support. It’s hardly surprising that Rogers’ portrayal was changed, as it was for many fans of comic books and nerdy television shows. Evans’ depiction was legendary, so Keaton had a lot to live up to. The actor, on the other hand, was delighted to be welcomed, since the public reacted well to his debut and provided him their support and encouragement. Keaton’s tweet may be seen below:

When you think that additional superheroes will be recast in the future, including Robert Downey Jr. What If…debut ?’s episode, however, shows that the recasting fits well with the idea of the show. Keaton’s Rogers is very different from Evans’ Rogers. In the film, Keaton’s Rogers never obtains the super soldier serum and instead becomes War Machine.

Aside from exploring other universes and the power of a single choice, Marvel characters will undergo radical transformations that will set them apart from their prior MCU incarnations, according to the series. These slight variations in voice may become more pronounced as the series progresses.

This is a unique Marvel mash-up, and fans have responded warmly to the adjustments so far. On its own, making an MCU debut is nerve-wracking, but taking control of one of its most iconic characters is a very different experience. Rogers’ portrayal by Keaton was authentic and sincere, and his performance was well-deserved given his years of experience in the field. His performance on What If…? will hopefully go beyond the first episode, and viewers can look forward to seeing more brilliance as the series develops.


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