Steven Universe season 6: Storyline, Show cast, Plot and More


Cartoon network has been keeping me amused since my kid-days. Even now whenever I feel low, this channel comes to my rescue. And a new show here is none other than something I keep waiting for. Yes, I think many of us will be relating to this. 

And for those who love to live with Cartoon, Rebecca Sugar is bringing to you all the sixth season of Steven Universe. The storyline follows up with an individual named Steven Universe who is a resident of a fiction town known as Beach City, the city has other worldly crystal jewels named Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl who are human outcasts. The show started back in 2013 and it completed showing its fifth season in January 2019. 

The show will hit the big screens with its newest season on Saturday with four scenes and from December 7th more scenes will continue to be shown on Cartoon Network. The season follows the protagonist Steven’s endeavors. 

In the last season we found the story about Steven’s dejection with gems. The last few scenes happened at Little Homeschool. Steven’s voice in the new season will be given by Zack Callison, Estell will be voicing Garnet and Michela Dietz will be voicing Amethyst and Deedee Magno will be voicing Pearl.

I am super-duper excited!

How excited are you?

What do you think about the show’s success?

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