Stranger Things Drive-In Is Coming To LA In October!


Stranger mode on.

“Stranger Things has always been larger than life and we wanted to flip the world upside down for our fans,” said Greg Lombardo, head of experiences at Netflix, in a statement. 

You must be wondering why are we telling you this statement without any context right! Well, don’t be confused well sometimes unusual happens and sometimes it does bring happiness and excitement just like this time.

As Greg said “Strangers things have always been larger than life..” and he couldn’t be more right about it. Being the giants in the entertainment business we say they are if not the best than certainly one of the best in catering thrift audience.

Season 4

The very anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things was under the lights and with first teaser


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From Russia with love…

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 was set to hit the platform screen by the year-end. However, apparently, someone ate a bat in a certain part of the world and the rest his history still being made. The world came to standstill so did the shoot for the fourth season.

Spring is going to be stranger in LA.

But that doesn’t stops Netflix from surprising their audience as they organize an hour long cinematic drive in experience in downtown LA. The $59 per car shall get them through an experience where their will be cars entering in group of 24. Where will taken through various series replicated spaces like Starcourt Mall, Russian labs and even the Upside Down

They will be making pit spots to enjoy the spooky but fascinating creativity.

Will we get the tickets!

The event taking place this spring certainly gets us excited, so we are getting ourselves registered for the ride as we know there is indeed going to be quite a waiting list but, we hope we you get the tickets and let us know of your experience.

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