Stranger Things: is season 4 inspired by season 1?

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A perfect combination of sci-fi, horror, comedy and all sort of adventure, one of the most loving web series, “Stranger Things” is returning back with its season 4. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

After releasing its 3 parts, makers of the show, Deffer Brothers has decided to continue the story of how the actors in the series uses its mind and heart when any problem arises and conquer the peace with their intelligence. Many scenes were there in the series which dropped the jaw of audience. 

When talked about idea of making this excellent piece of entertainment, it has arrived from 2013s thriller series “Prisoners” which ended up moulded into 8-hour series. 

Here we are going to discuss about some of the key moments from the most acclaimed series from the season 1 of “Stranger Things” which were like never seen before moments for all of us. 

Reason for happening of shift:

As we all know that show was set in 80s and it was defining a perfect Indie thriller. As the story proceeded from season 1, it grasped the love of audience with its scenes like child eating monster and memes shared on social media. Season 3 was all about showing characters of movie, Steve, Erica and Murray transforming and taking look of a giant. 

We can’t deny that season 1 was indeed full of subtle characters and excellent storyline that made the series very much popular. 

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Influence of “Prisoners”:

When daughter of Hopper died, it was very emotional part of that series to go through. The series gives the glimpse of “Prisoners” and knits the emotional affair in a very realistic and grounded manner. 

Dead body of Will was also shown inspired from “Heroes” by Peter Gabriel. 

Season 4 is going to be somewhat unique. Neither the shadow of “Stranger Things” season 1 nor “Prisoners”. 

Tonal shift of season 3:

Season 2 was a little bit light in the sense of humour and romance. Fans were very much happy by seeing this change in third part of the series. For example, Joy was seen as an strong and energetic person rather than the death of his beloved one and fulfilled all responsibilities very clearly.

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Final words: How can season 4 fix it?

In season 1, there were some scenes which made audience feel awful like police officer misusing his legal powers and abusing some innocent people very badly. 

Season 4 can surely mend up the wrongs created by season 1 and it has all the expectations to be fulfilled.

So, let’s sit back and wait when it will get released and till then, stay on our page and get all the information for free.


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