Strangling Clown first footage out from The Eric Andre Season, 5 Show


The wait for the fans of “The Eric Andre Show Season 5” is over as the teaser comes out for Season 5. Adult Swim is to air the show again. A strangled clown can be seen featured in the teaser. While, the show has been aired by Adult Swim Network since 2012. 

In the program, the show’s host Eric Andre along with his fellow comedian Hannibal Buress co-host use the irrelevant 11 minutes. At that time, they encased the program with the dark satire, twisted humor, mock talk show and sketch comedy.

Eric & Hannibal all set for upcoming installment of The Eric Andre Show 

 The Eric Andre Show typically runs 10 episodes for a season and its last season aired in 2016. Once again, the team of Eric and Hannibal is back with the new season to make the people laugh. 

Despite of the four years of break, the duo remained active with their mainstays pop culture. Andre famed for his Netflix comedy special Eric Andre: Legalized Everything. He featured in The Lion King as Azizi hyena. 

Will the Strangling Clown define death comedy in the teaser? Only time will unboxed the mystery of Eric Andre’s new show

On the other hand, his fellow partner Hannibal appeared in the long recurring role on Comedy Central’s show Broad City. Then, he performed in other shows The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Blockers. In Each season, Hannibal and Eric try to bring unique things for the viewers. 

Teaser of the show’s 5th season is streaming on YouTube. Lil Yachty, Anderson Paak, Machine Gun Kelly and Grimes would be seen entering ‘The Eric Andre Show’. Many speculations have been made about the strangling clown in the 27 seconds long teaser. 

Only time will tell what will happen in the show, as The Eric Andre Show Season 5 starts from October 25 on Adult Swim channel. Get ready to watch an exciting series of comedy and drama. 


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