Strike The Blood Season 4 would land in July 2020


Looking for a mind-blowing anime series? We have a strong recommendation. Strike The Blood has released three seasons and is heading to go for the fourth. The series has acquired great reviews for the graphics. The storyline in all the released seasons is gripping. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, they add it asap. 

Let’s start with the synopsis of ‘Strike The Blood Season 4.’ The same would help you understand that it is in our strongest recommendation list. The show is an adaptation from a Japanese novel, Gakuto Mikumo. The last three seasons brought a huge fan base. The Japanese adaptation offers complete entertainment. We have brought the complete information about the Strike The Blood Season 4. Read below:  

Release date of Strike The Blood Season 4: 

The series dropped the third season in April 2020. The upcoming season was scheduled to hit the screen in May 2020 but we are hearing that it is shifted to July 2020. There has been no concrete information about the same. To know the correct date of release, keep tuned in. 

Strike The Blood Season 4 would land in July 2020

The plot of Strike The Blood Season 4:

The storyline revolves around the character Kojo Akatsuki from Itogami. He comes from a vampire clan but has very precise information about the businesses his family takes care of. He is in high school and has been kept away from the demonic entities his family has been encountering for decades. 

The last season ended with Kojo Akatsuki paying a visit to Princess La Folia. He gets hit by some creatures. The same is considered to be the storyline of the upcoming season. There are speculations that Princess La Folia would be the antagonist. 

The cast of Strike The Blood Season 4: 

Like the previous seasons, Yoshimasa Hosoya will be the voice of Kojo’s character. Risa Taneda will be voicing Yukina Himeragi. Asami Seto will be voicing Asagi Aiba. Hisako Kanemoto will reprise as Natsuki Minamiya’s voice. Ikumi Hayama will be lending a voice to Sayaka Kirasaka

Rumors believe Motoki Yaze’s character would be voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka and Nagisa Akatsuki’s voice would be Rina Hidaka.

Strike The Blood Season 4 is eagerly awaited not only by the fans but the critics. Let’s see what the series has in its kitty to offer in the fourth season. There are a few more editions expected from the series. 

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