‘Stumptown,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ & More Series Canceled Due to Coronavirus Lost but not forgotten, you shall be missed

'Stumptown,' 'I’m Sorry' & More Series Canceled Due to Coronavirus Lost but not forgotten, you shall be missed
'Stumptown,' 'I’m Sorry' & More Series Canceled Due to Coronavirus Lost but not forgotten, you shall be missed

2020 has not been a kind year to anybody. Among the many sectors that took a hit owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the film and TV industry is one of them.

Production has been postponed, releases have been delayed and in worse cases, many have been axed. Fans have been distraught overseeing their favourite shows getting canned or not getting renewed.

While it can be difficult to digest at the moment, many a time, shows have been revived after immense outpour from fans demanding the show be brought back. Therefore, there still is a silver lining at the end of the day. However, nothing can be certain and for now, all we can do is mourn the loss of these web shows.

Stumptown: The Cobie Smulders starred which was was renewed for a second season in May of 2020, unfortunately, could not honour their commitment.

Due to scheduling and timing issues, the network deemed it suitable to rather axe the show as it wasn’t able to meet its 2021 fall launch. The coronavirus pandemic was a huge driving factor when it came to deciding as it seemed impossible to finish filming by April. 

However, not all hopes are lost as ABC is currently looking for a different home for the show. Since the action drama was well-received there is a chance for the show to be picked up by other networks. The jury is still out on that one. 

I’m Sorry: Just like Stumptown, drawing the short end of the straw was this situation comedy that got cancelled despite being renewed for a third season.

In a statement released by truTV, they cited the reason for cancellation as “due to circumstances created by COVID”. It was a shame for fans to see a show as fresh as this in terms of having a new take on parenthood go away. 

Netflix’s I’m Not OK With This and The Society: One is likely to see a rise in the cancellation of shows as it becomes difficult to maintain the production costs due to COVID-19 protocols.

Representatives at Netflix in a statement also blamed circumstances due to the coronavirus as a reason for giving the chop to the two shows. Also, adding to the reason for the cancellation was the uncertainty in scheduling filming dates and availability for the huge cast of The Society.

There still remains a silver lining and hope for revival down the lane in future. Hopefully, someone would answer our prayers and when situations get better, shows can see a surge of revival. 



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