Summerland’: Film Review – A heart-warming post-WWW II story

Summerland': Film Review
Summerland': Film Review

Summerland is a brilliantly written and executed film, which stars Gemma Arterton as Alice Lamb, Lucas Bond as Frank, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Vera, Tom Courtenay as Mr. Sullivan, Penelope Wilton as Older Alice, Dixie Egerickx as Edie and many others.

It is scheduled to be aired on July 31, 2020, in the United Kingdom. The plot centers around Alice Lamb, who forcefully bonds with a small boy from London, named Frank. She has a responsibility to take care of him, as it is not safe in London.

Summerland Movie Review in Detail

Sometimes, a movie is so predictable, yet beautiful. Summerland is one such film. However, there are some scenes in this film that make us question what will happen next. People who are looking for a heart-warming story will definitely love this British period film. From genuine performances to a familiar premise, the film is nothing but sweet.

Summerland tries to give a powerful message to the audience. It tells us the importance of opening ourselves to kindness and love, which comes in various forms. Jessica Swale has written an outstanding story, and every character is portrayed beautifully in her debut film. The flick is all about imagination, and hope. It is like one finding a ray of light in the dark.

Summerland’: Film Review – A heart-warming post-WWW II story

In this story, the character named Alice learns to accept everything in life, despite being bullied by local kids. Gemma (Alice) has done a remarkable job of disliking people and showing her softer side when she is with Frank. She has done her role so effortlessly, that makes her and Frank a good pair.

In the first half of the movie, the story looks exactly what the audience expects it to be. Alice and Frank are seen together at irregular intervals. Halfway through the film, a small twist make the story a bit melodramatic. If you have seen the trailer, then you already know what we are talking about. Soon we see a second twist that overshadows the first one.

However, in this part, the film loses a bit of its charm. But the story takes over again. The movie shows the relationship between Alice and Frank very well. Some scenes are so emotional where the pair is seen fighting against all odds and struggling with their hardships. Lucas Bond and Gemma Arterton look good together in a frame, and their acting comes out very naturally.

Their energy and the comfort we get from the film is one of the greatest things in Summerland. The film focuses more on Alice and Frank and less on Vera. But she still shines in her character, even if its flashbacks to the late 1920s. She plays an important role in the film because she is connected to Alice’s past. Besides, Alice brilliantly shows how her past with Vera still affects her in the present.

Apart from that, this film also has great supporting scenes from Dixie Egerickx as Edie and Tom Courtenay as Mr. Sullivan. As the film progresses, Alice and Frank grow closer, and their relationship strengthens in the end. The film doesn’t attempt to be something else; it stays grounded till the end. Sometimes, people don’t want a tragic story; they just need a comforting one about individuals who we let in our personal space.

Do not forget to watch this sweet story. Also, come back soon to this website to find the latest news about Summerland.


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