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Source: The Indian Express

Sunflower’s producers have prepared for its release date by sharing several character posters on social media as well as some odd “Sunflower” questionnaires. This trailer for a comedy web series Sunflower gives viewers a glimpse into the world of Sunflower, which is “set in a middle class housing company with strange personalities.” However, when a mysterious death occurs, their lives are turned upside down, putting them all on the radar of the police. On June 11, 2021, the murder mystery and the premiere of all Sunflower episode will stream on Zee 5

Where and when can we watch sunflower: Sunflower is only available on the Zee5 streaming service.

There is something more we can know about “Sunflower”: Sunil Grover’s leading actors including Ranvir Shorey, Girish Kulkarni, Sonal Jha, Sonali Nagrani, and Ashish Vidyarthi. The Queen’s director, Vikas Bahl, not only directed but also wrote the web series screenplay. Ranvir plays the inspector in charge of the case while the main suspect in the murder is played by actor Sonu Singh. Rahul Sengupta and Vikas both of them came together for this project and collaborated on the series’ direction. On Zee5’s website, the official plot for Sunflower is as follows: “When Mr. Kapoor of the Sunflower Society is discovered dead, the cops arrive to question their neighbours. ‘Who killed Kapoor, and why in a company full of eccentrics?'” 

Source: The Indian Express

Ranvir Shorey gives a brief about “Sunflower” and his role

Ranvir Shorey tells about how he got into the skin of his character Digendra: Ranvir Shorey discussed his character as well as the interview experience. The actor revealed that there were several lectures and workshops with Vikas Bahl, who is also the showrunner for Sunflower, and Rahul Sengupta, the event’s director. He stated that these lectures or workshops were held with the goal of developing the character’s complexities. He stated that they wanted to emphasise the surreality of Digendra’s character rather than making it a match between him and other show characters. He stated that they wished to do so.

Sunil Grover, a comedian and actor, went to the media on Monday to reveal the first look poster for his upcoming comedy show Sunflower. Although his character didn’t reveal much, the poster depicts him as squinting. When he posted the photo on Instagram, the playwright-comedian captioned it, “Dhamaka and Drama Sonu ki life may asli hungama!” 

Release date

Unravel the mystery of the “Sunflower” webs series only on Zee5 from June 11, 2021.

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