The Silver Age was one of the finest or the stupidest Superman ages, depending on your opinion. Artists and authors were more concerned about making enjoyable and odd stories than with constructing complicated plot lines that addressed many problems.

As a result, Silver Age boy book covers are often seen as the most hilariously — particularly one featuring Superboy behaving like a dog and getting his canine trainer Krypto boss around him.

What is the whole story?

The plot, when Superboy was Krypto’s master Lang, brought back a few relics with inscriptions indicating the sinister arts of the people. Though Lang was assured that his observations would be accepted, he was accused by a jealous colleague of possessing the translations of his inscriptions.

But his colleague, Dr. Keighley, persuades the university not only to refuse Lang the promotion but also to cancel it if he cannot show his traductions are correct. Lang maintains that he wants only some time to learn the ancient language to finish the inscriptions.

Lang says the universe transforms the minds of those two people that encounter it, rendering him Keighley’s mockery as it asks Lang to read an inscription on a globetrotter.

He visits the academy, Superboy and his dog Krypto explore the globe. He crumbles abruptly, and when he gets up, he continues to bark and behave like a puppy. In the meantime, Krypto grows up on the hind legs and declares that somehow, he is Superboy. The university professors are stunned to ask if Lang’s translation was accurate.

While Krypto appears to have the mind of Superboy, he continues to react to “Krypto.” Superboy himself starts to crawl and chase cats all fours that make his new trainer scold him. Only from here do things get weirder. Krypto is feeding and sleeping in a dog’s house from a dog’s dish.

The Steel boy does not seem to be very pleased about his difficulties when he continues to loudly blast in a voice on the ground, causing Krypto to silence him by fetching his hand.


Superboy and Krypto sail away — leaving a frustrated Lana Lang thinking that Superboy wasted a day looking for cats and screaming at the stars. Mind switches were (and still are) a common trope through the history of the Comic Book, but the discovery that the reverse of Krypto and Superboy was just a hoax allows this one of Superman’s goopy people.

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