Superman was among the first superheroes that came to protect earth. People have always admired him for his strength and power. But recently people have started asking why cant superman cured diseases if he is so powerful. DC comics have answered this question.


The thing has been debated many times that why can’t Superman cure diseases? He can fight dangerous villains, can literally turn them to dust yet he can’t cure human diseases. Given his power he should be able to cure cancer. To this DC, the big comic book company has said that Superman can do so and even does so in the comic book named All-Star Superman #10, though with some help from his own Kryptonian people.

Yes we know that Krypton went into a black hole but before that, many years ago an evil civilization collector had miniaturized the Kryptonian city of Kandor and had kept the city in a bottle. Superman was able to retrieve the city but could not undo the miniaturization. The Kandor people were not sure about living on Earth so Superman took them to Mars. There they flourished. Once Superman was critically injured and was dying.

The Kandor people helped him by treating him so that he was fit enough to complete the task at hand. Superman dies after this but he realizes that the Kandor people have the technology that can cure cancer and thus before he dies, he goes to a cancer hospital for kids. There he says, “Every one of you will be soon cured as some people will come and make you cancer free.”  

We end this here. 

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