The man from Krypton who came to earth as a baby and became earth’s protector later, Superman has always tried to be the Superhero to whom everyone can look up to. He does the best job at it but unfortunately time and again becomes the reason of some problem or the other even though he does not mean to make it. In the latest DC comic, he indirectly helps in the making of Frost King.


Frost King appears in the latest DC comic named Justice League: Endless Winter Special #1. He is made as a result of an invasion by one of Superman’s enemy Rogol Zaar on his hideout Fortress of Solitude. Fortress of Solitude is the secret place of Superman to where he retreats to find solace in difficult times.

In his fortress Superman had kept the miniature Kryptonian city of Kandor, the only remaining thing of his home planet. Now Zaar is a Kryptonian hunter and in the Man of Steel arc, he invades the fortress and destroys it, destroying Kandor with it. It appears that Zaar did not destroy the fortress properly and the crystals from Krypton fused with the snow around the fortress and resulted in the making of the Frost King.

In the new comic an industrialist Sebastian Stagg goes to the place where the fortress used to be with the intention to dig up the Kryptonian crystals. During the excavation, Stagg and his team accidently release Frost King. The Justice League comes in to see who the new villain is and when Frost King sees Superman, he covers the whole earth up with snow.

How do you think Superman is going to handle this new villain? Everything will be revealed in The Flash #767 where the story of Frost King will continue.


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