Superman & Lois Series Premiere Set For Late February 2021


Superman and Lois are the upcoming superhero series developed for the CW. The story is based on the DC Comics and created by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti. The series are ordered for the make in January 2020. But as we all know the whole world was going under the pandemic situation of Covid-19, due to which the shooting of the series gets delayed by several months. 

The shooting started to take place from October 2020 and it will end by May 2021. According to the latest schedule, Superman and Lois are set to release on 23rd February 2021. 

The main cast of the show:

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Superman.

Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. 

Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent: son of Clark and Lois.

Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent: another son of Clark and Lois.

And many other casts took part in the series.

The plot details of the series:

As far we know about DC comic Superman belongs to the location called Krypton who lands on the Earth due to some unfortunate circumstances. Lois Lane works as a journalist. The story will revolve around their children and their professional life. Being a superhero and a father how Superman will handle his 2 lives. Some of the stories of the series still are unknown to us. But it would be really interesting to see the different versions of the Superhero.

If we get more information about the series we will update you.

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