Superman or Homelander, who wins?


When it comes to judge about the best superheroes, the top ones that come to mind are none other than Superman and Homelander. But to decide who is best among these both, we surely have to roll the dice or flip the coin. 

In this article we are going to jot down some points which will help you all out to decide who is best among these both!

How powerful are they?

By seeing The Boys, it can be easily revealed that Homelander is capable of anything but he never showed it off. At last, he was killed by his own son.

On the other hand, Superman was the one who won the situation every time when we started to drop the expectation. He has been on screen and comics for pretty long time. So, Superman is more powerful. 

Who flies well?

If talked about Superman, he kept the perfect balance between his speed and flying capacity. Recently, he was seen flying from a long distance too.

source: the minored in film

Homelander was having the ability to fly and appear anywhere anytime. Even the appearance of his fly was a bit different. So, here is the tie among fly ability of both. 

How do they fight?

Superman has never used the weakness of his opponent to win as he is most powerful. He always used his physical power to win always.

On contrary, Homelander figure out the weakness of his opponent and uses that to win the fight. He fights with brain.

So, here Homelander will take all the credit of being master of fight.

Now, if you want to see how do Homelander fight, you must download and watch The Boys for sure. The link is here- 

What are the weaknesses?

Both are very powerful, both are good fliers, both are very intelligent but every coin has two sides. Here we are going to compare vulnerable side of superheroes. 

Weakness of Superman is Kryptonite which stripped him off and made him powerless. But on the other hand, weakness of Homelander was his son Ryan who killed him at last. Ryan was gifted by same power just like Homelander. But alas! The small kid destroyed the big giant.

These were all about Superman and Homelander. Now you are the only one who should decide who is more powerful and stay tuned and refresh the space for more updates. 


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