Supernatural Season 15 final episodes may miss some important characters


The Supernatural Season 15 will be airing its final episode of the final season on the CW, for which the fans have been waiting so patiently. The final episode will feature some of the important characters of Season 15.

The last episode won’t be able to cast all the important characters who wanted to return for the last time. The absence of these characters could be devastating for both the fans and the Winchesters for the last running episodes.

Andrew Dabb, the showrunner informed the TV Line regarding the season’s finale and informed that two most important characters won’t return. Their absence will definitely provoke an emotional moment for everyone.

Dabb said, “Look, COVID was limiting, especially when it came to the last two episodes. And there were certainly people we would have liked to have brought back like Samantha Smith, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

People who have been such core parts of the show for so long. But unfortunately, because of COVID and some other things, doing a big supersized guest cast family reunion was just off the table. But in terms of our story that we’re telling, we didn’t have to make any compromises. Everyone who is coming back is coming back for a specific reason.

These are people we want. They’re important to us. They’re great characters, and we just thought it was an opportunity to revisit some of our and, hopefully, the fan favorites.”

We are extremely sad for Samantha Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who starred as Mary as well as John Winchester since the beginning of the series in 2005. They won’t be ble to make it till the end of the Supernatural series. 

Knowing the fact that they won’t return is making the fans more restless. Is it possible that the final episodes of The Supernaturals will also air in the absence of Misha Collins? He is another important member of the Winchester family since the series began which makes his absence more heartbreaking.

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