Supreme Court Justice: Amy Coney Barrett’s First Case Could Be One That Decides Presidential Election


The Senate votes to finalized Judge Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court in the U.S. It will just before few days of election day that will finalize what both parties are exhibiting as the most significant race in the history of America. 

If Barrett is finalized to be a member of the biggest bench in the country. With the republicans easily having enough votes to final her. It looks to be a past conclusion. In one of the initial cases, she could listen to the past conclusion.

One of the initial cases she could hear as a new Supreme Court justice could be finalized who wins the White House. 

Courts at all standards have been flooded with cases similar to voting in the run-up to election day. Amid the current coronavirus pandemic. One in specific has gathered national attention. 

Republicans in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania want the SC to rule on if voters got after election day can be measured. With the state still tremendous up for grabs. It is 20 electoral college ballots possibly being the key to who the country’s upcoming president is. 

Republicans, as well as Democrats, are highly involved in what happens to those late-coming voters. 

The SC justices split 4-4 over a republican appeal to undo a state court command. Moreover, force elections officials to avoid absentee voters that are received after the election. The same bond vote left the Pennsylvania court order in effect. It allows mail voters to be added up. 

If they are given by November Chief Justice Roberts along with his partners voted to leave the court. Democrats are denouncing Barrett’s finalization as a political act by President Trump to help to manage the White House.  


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