Suranne Jones, star of Vigil, discusses why she changed her name.


With her role as DCI Amy Silva in the BBC One drama Vigil, award-winning actress Suranne Jones dazzles audiences. Suranne Jones is currently starring in BBC One’s Sunday night drama Vigil as DCI Amy Silva, but it turns out that Suranne isn’t even the star’s real name.

Since Coronation Street, many viewers and fans have been startled to learn that Suranne is not her true name, despite being a well-known face on the show.

Even though she was christened under Sarah Anne’s name, when she began her acting career, she changed her name to Sarah-Anne in honour of her great grandmother.

Viol continues to unfold as Suranne reveals that she was christened Sarah-Anne when the wedding priest disagreed with her parents’ original choice.

Sarah-Anne revealed that her father had wanted to give her the same name as her great-grandmother, but her mother talked out of it at the last minute.

She told Scotland’s The Herald previously: “My name, I believe, means “princess.” I was baptised Sarah-Anne because of my great-name grandmother’s Suranne and my father’s request to call me Suranne.”

Eventually, Sarah-Anne achieved her father’s dream of becoming an actor, and his desires were ultimately honoured. In the end, her father suggested Suranne when she was asked to choose a stage name.

Strictly speaking, Amy Silva is best known as a police detective who parachuted aboard the military submarine HMS Vigil to investigate the murder of a crew member in the BBC’s Vigil.

Suranne told the BBC that she was drawn to the new series because of “what it aimed to do.”

“I tried to make it different. A new voice in the TV landscape was sought. A boys-only show, a boys-only thriller with two girls at its core, and a deep sexuality plot,” she said of the show.

“When I saw what they were trying to do, I thought, This is the way we should be going now.  For a show to have all of those components in it shouldn’t be exceptional. Just a nice TV show would suffice. At first, I was drawn to the feats and the action.”

On BBC One, the Vigil will continue on Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m.



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