Survey Reveals People’s Vote for The Worst Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

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That was the time when everyone was doubting the potential of Leonardo DiCaprio. But now, many of them admire him. This is because of the goodwill Leonardo made by his talent and acting. 

From taking up the challenging role of Arnie and nailing the role of the romantic character of Jack in “Titanic”, he proved himself at every step of his career. He took his baby step in the film industry by the movie “The Quick and The Dead” and “Marvin’s Room”. 

There was a time when everyone was doubting the abilities of Leonardo. But he kept patience, which took him here where he is now.

In this article, fans have opted for the survey for the worst movie of Leonardo DiCaprio and the result is going to shock you.

Leonardo is picky about his project but still missed his target:

The eminent actor has given his best in movies like “The Departed”, “The Aviator”, “Catch Me if You Can” and “Gangs of New York”. All the scripts were choosing by Leonardo himself and this rocked well.

But there were some movies in which Leonardo failed to sense the power of the script and got into movies like “J. Edgar”, “the Great Gatsby”, and “Body of Lies”.

9% of the audience picked the other one.

Notorious flops of Leonardo:

There were two movies that Leonardo thought will be a flop, but that came out to be runner-up. The first one of them is “The Beach”, which won the nomination of “Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor”. 

And on the second number comes “The Man in the Iron Mask”, in which DiCaprio played the double role of King Louis XIV and his twin brother Phillipe and the story narrates that Porthos and Aramis conspire and want the throne of the king. 

And this movie won a Razzie in the field of Worst Screen Couple.

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Leonardo as drug-addicted high school student:

Almost 530 polls got into the side of “The Basketball Diaries” as the worst movie in which Leonardo played the role of a drug-addicted high school student, who was a basketball player too. 

If you want to see the movie, download it from- 

But according to critics, that was the best role Leonardo could ever play.

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