Susie McAllister planning her exit in Home and Away

Source: Digital Spy

We witness that Justice and Leah come to look for answers as they were told that the property was not sold to them when they came to get in touch with the real estate agent earlier on. They then get along to confront Susie regarding the matter as she had been given $90,000 deposit for the work to be duly done. Susie then acts on appropriately and says that there would be some kind of misunderstanding lingering in the actual matter.

Moreover, she promises to look into the matter and resolve the conflict as soon as possible. However, for John, this is like the first major warning sign that something is wrong with Susie and therefore he is confused as to how to react and handle the matter. And yes, he had been right.

Source: Digital Spy

It is Susie’s plan to just flee away with their life savings! On the other hand, we hear the conversation between Ari and Mia wherein we got a hint that Mia is still unsure about her future whereas Ari is unsure whether she should really be with him after waking up. Ari’s recent trouble with the criminals has caused a sense of disturbance in Ari but Tane comes into the picture to insist that it was not Ari’s fault after all.

Tane then says that Mia needs to do the most obvious thing which almost everyone else is aware about and confess to Ari that she really loves him. The Witness X crime had caused a havoc but now Bella finally seems to ready to face it and hear Willow out regarding the same. Willow is delighted indeed when she heard that Bella wanted to hang out and forgive once again.

Susie by then comes under pressure as her fleeing plan is crashed due to the rising suspicions sof Leah and Justin.


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