Suspect In Houston Police Officer’s Death ID’s As Illegal Immigrants From El Salvador


Chief art Acevedo stated a suspect was sent into custody without further event. An illegal immigrant was in custody after one Houston police officer was injured. He killed one more wounded at a southwest Houston complex as per the management.

Houston police Chief art Acevedo confirmed the arrest. Officials with Immigration and Customs enforcement later shared with media that the suspect was illegally in the U.S. illegally. 

The slain officer was identified as Sgt. Harold Preston, a 41-year veteran. We have lost just a wonderful human being. Acevedo stated during a conference at Memorial Hermann Hospital. He is leading with men and women on the streets instead of choosing to sit in the cabin while drinking coffee.

That is the man he was. The man who lived with parents to see of them. As good as he was a cop and he was a good human being. That is just the guy as he was. 

The wounded officer, identified by Mayor Sylvester Tuner as Country Waller is a three-year veteran. It was the department that was shot in hand. However, he wants to get recover. 

The suspect was known as Elmer Rolando Manzano-Martinez. ICE officials from the agency’s enforcement and removal operations unit placed an immigration detainer with the Harris County Sheriff’s office. 

ICE location detainers opposites suspects who have been arrested on criminal charges. ICE has may be caused to believe are eliminated aliens as per the agency statement. The detainer requests that a state new enforcement firm noted ICE before if the suspect will be released. 

The shooting induces a huge law enforcement presence near the 2600 block of Holly Hall Street with numerous cops. Fire units responding to the scene. 


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